Sigma Kappa



As an organization Sigma Kappa encourages our members to be involved in their campus and community. Because of this focus on involvement outside of Sigma Kappa, our sisters are able to engage with the campus and community in ways that are important to them by hosting and participating in a number of different events.

Among the many events that our sisters participate in around campus, the Kappa Zeta Chapter also hosts its own events, which are listed below, that all of our sisters participate in.

Spring 2020

January 30th - February 1st - Recruitment

Recruitment is a fun and exciting time for our chapter! We meet all of the potential new members and get ample time to interact and bond with the newest member class. Elon has a 4 day long recruitment weekend where Panhellenic women work to talk about how great greek life is on campus.


March 8th - Big Little Reveal

Big little reveal is a fun time for our sisters to come together and celebrate the new member class! Our older sisters welcome littles into their greek families to mentor and spend time with.

March 5th - Elon Day

Elon Day is a campus wide celebration for current students and alumnae. This is a great opportunity for our chapter's alumnae to come together to celebrate Elon and all of their post grad accomplishments!

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March 27th - Initiation

Our new member initiation will be held on Friday, March 15th. We are excited to welcome our newest members into the bonds of sisterhood. The whole chapter will gather to rally around our new member class and participate in this tradition.

March 29th - Scholarship Banquet

Our annual Scholarship Banquet is hosted on Saturday, March 16th after our new member's initiation. We come together as a chapter to acknowledge and honor the sisters in our chapter who have exceeded in their academic and professional lives. These sisters get mentioned and awarded for their achievements!  

April 17th - Greek Week Dance

Elon's Greek Week Dance is a philanthropy event hosted by Elon's fraternities and sororities. Students have a chance to come out and show their pride for their organization while competing in a dance competition. This year it will be hosted in the Schar Center on April 17! (Sigma Kappa is also the returning champion watch our dance from 2019 here! )

April 24th - 26th - Ladies We Love Weekend

Ladies We Love Weekend is our chapter's way of celebrating and appreciating the women who mean the most to us! Our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts make such an impact on our lives and we want to honor them. This three-day weekend is filled with activities and events for our sisters to spend times with their loved one(s) and to allow our Ladies We Love guests to mingle and create connections of their own.


April 18th - Spring Formal

The Kappa Zeta chapter's annual Spring Formal will be on Friday, May 3rd. Formal is an exciting time for our sisters to get dressed up and celebrate our membership and our sisterhood of Sigma Kappa. 

Fall 2020 

August 29th - Initiation 

After having to postpone initiation for our 2020 Pledge Class in the Spring due to COVID, we are so happy to finally initiate 66 members into Kappa Zeta.  

September 26th - Walk To End Alzheimer's 

This year, our Walk To End Alzheimer's looked a little different. We had girls walk at different times and in COVID safe groups. As a whole, Sigma Kappa Sorority raised more than $962K and Kappa Zeta was recognized on the official Alzheimer's Association Instagram. Kappa Zeta was the third highest fundraising chapter in the nation for this event.

Spring 2021

February 26th - March 7th - Recruitment 

This year Elon University did virtual recruitment spread out over two weekends where Panhellenic women talk about  all of the amazing greek organizations on campus.

April 11th - Big Little Reveal

Big little reveal is a fun time for our sisters to come together and celebrate the new member class! Our older sisters welcome littles into their greek families to mentor and spend time with.

April 16th - Initiation

We are so happy to initiate the following women into our chapter. Members were initiated in socially distanced groups and required to wear masks at all times. Congratulations to the new members, we can't wait to see all the amazing things you will do in the chapter! 

Abby Benoit

Ainsley O’Quinn

Ally Sheridan

Anna Cave

Ashleigh Bowen

Ava Estep

Camille Duplechain

Carolyn Phair

Casey Paulhus

Chloe Higgins

Claire Stapleford

Claudia Held

Eden Ambrose

Eliza Witt

Elle McClung

Ellie Cotton

Emily Murrill

Emma Farrell 

Emma Simpson

Emma Russello

Gabby Cataldo

Gaby Minionis 

Genevieve Emerson

Gia Gaw

Grace Henrich

Grace Murray

Hadley Kaeyer 

Haley Asbury

Henna Reid 

Holly Stiltner

Ivy Pennekamp

Julia Kearney 

Julia Walter

Katelyn Litvan

Kate Bernstein

Kate Rogers

Leah Dumaine

Leila Wilhelm

Lizzy DiGrande

Lucy Ryan

Maddy Foley

Maggie Bevier 

Maggie Connolly 

Maggie Hayes

Maggie Lifsitz

Maggie Penman

Megan O’Brien

Mia Fleischer

Molly Lund

Morgan Ptaszek

Morgan Hicks

Morgan Stankiewicz

Nikki Johnson

Sadie Silverman Guffey

Sarah Clarke

Sarah Perciavalle

Savannah Willette

Scout Rasmussen

Siena Gamberoni

Sofie Campbell

Sydney Ralls