Sigma Kappa



What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is a mutual selection process by which sororities recruit new members and introduce them to the responsibilities and opportunities involved with being a sorority woman. Joining a panhellenic sorority on Elon’s campus can enrich your college experience and impact you into your alumni years.

What is a legacy?

A legacy is a woman whose sister, mother, grandmother or aunt is or was a Sigma Kappa! Being a legacy does not guarantee membership to a sorority. Legacy status may be disclosed on the recruitment application.

Do I need recommendation letters?

You do not need recommendation letters! If you have a special connection to Sigma Kappa you can submit a letter of recommendation (ex. mother/grandmother was in a particular organization and wants to write a letter), but you definitely do not have to have letters of recommendation.

Can upperclassmen go through recruitment?

Absolutely! Any full-time student who has completed 12 Elon credits and has a GPA of 2.9 will be eligible to go through recruitment (winter term grades are not factored into GPA). Many upperclassmen, especially sophomores, have gone through recruitment in past years. 

What should I talk about during recruitment?

The most important thing to remember during recruitment is to BE YOURSELF! Elon's recruitment is values based, meaning we care about what is important to you, your traditions, your passions, and whatever else makes you you. It's great to talk about your interests, accomplishments, your personal values, and goals/future plans so the women you talk to get the best understanding of who you are and what you may bring to their sisterhood. Tip: Try thinking of a few topics about yourself that you might want to bring up in conversation before recruitment starts!

What do I wear?

For detailed information on attire for Formal Recruitment, take a look at Panhellenic's guidelines on their Recruitment Page. Because recruitment is during the late winter/early spring time, we suggest for you to be aware of the temperature outside: Don't forget a jacket if it's cold out, you will be walking around outside a lot! Also, we suggest that you wear things that you are comfortable wearing and comfortable in for a full day, as you will be spending a lot of time in those clothes (and shoes) each day!

Where can I apply for Formal Recruitment?

To apply for Formal Recruitment, visit Elon's Spring Recruitment Page


For more information, visit Elon's Recruitment FAQ Page and PA Women's Recruitment Page. 
*Please note that detailed information pertaining to Spring Recruitment 2019 has not been released yet, but will be coming soon.