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Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

Consistent with our Founders’ thoughts in 1874, our primary purpose is to create an environment for our members in which lasting friendships and our values of sisterhood emanate all aspects of our organization. We encourage an atmosphere which will foster high ideals of friendship among college women, promote their educational and cultural interests, create in them a true sense of social responsibility and develop in them high qualities of character.


What is the time commitment like?

While being part of any sorority is definitely a time commitment, being part of Sigma Kappa has endless benefits for every member, whether it be leadership and networking opportunities or academic support and lifelong friendships. As a chapter, we believe that college is about experiences and that our members will get back what they put in to their college experience. That's why we as a chapter encourage our sisters to get involved in the wide-variety of other clubs, organizations and activities on Elon's campus. 

In terms of our chapter's schedule of events, some of our events are optional while others, such as our weekly chapter meetings, are mandatory. Because our sisters' academics is our top priority, we offer weekly study hall hours and also have a system for sisters to reach out to other sisters with similar majors, classes and teachers for help and tutoring. Our chapter also offers opportunities to participate in intramural sporting events to support other organizations' philanthropies, while also hosting several of our own philanthropy events throughout the year. Each semester, our chapter also participates in various volunteering and service opportunities that are available to each of our sisters. 

Is there an academic requirement?

Our chapter does require each member to maintain a 2.8 overall GPA to remain within good standing. If a sister falls below this minimum, she will be provided an Academic Assistance Plan as well as guidance from a member of the scholarship committee.

Sigma Kappa recognizes that education is the primary purpose and focus of the collegiate experience and strives to provide resources to all members in reaching their academic goals. We provide motivation and assistance for our sisters to help them develop their academic potential and plan for a successful future. As such, our chapter encourages each member to attend weekly study hall hours, offers support and outside resources to any sister who needs it, and promotes the achievements and accomplishments of our sisters at every chapter, which you can read more about on our Scholarship Page!

What are the financial responsibilities?

Sigma Kappa is a not-for-profit corporation and relies on the national fees from its members to finance yearly operating expenses and chapter services.  You can read more about these national fees on Sigma Kappa's national website. Along with national fees, there is also a one-time Housing & Furnishing fee during each sisters' first year of membership that is paid to the Sigma Kappa National Housing Corporation for future housing endeavors. In addition to the national and housing fees, there are chapter dues that are assessed to members in order to establish a chapter budget for our events and activities each year. We understand that the financial details can be overwhelming at first, but it is definitely manageable. We understand the problems and concerns our members may have and offer different payment plans that can be arranged between any member and the Vice President of Finance, if needed.

How can parents get involved?

Every year, we host a Men Who Matter event and a Ladies We Love event for fathers and mothers to attend. All parents are encouraged to come support their daughters and connect with other members' parents. We will let your daughter know when there are events that parents are invited to and can attend, but you can always feel free to check our Events Page to see what events we have coming up soon!

What about after my daughter graduates?

After graduation, your daughter has the opportunity to remain involved in the organization for years to come. With over 165,000 members worldwide and 106 alumnae chapters in 34 states, your daughter has the opportunity to connect with women wherever she goes in the coming years. Alumnae membership looks different for each of our members. Some are involved in an alumnae chapter who meets regularly for activities and service events while others are advisors for a local chapter. Our members are able to continue their personal and professional development with Sigma Kappa through social and philanthropic activities with other alumnae members. The possibilities are endless and her Sigma Kappa involvement can and will look different over time based on her life experiences at the time.


We value and understand any parent's questions or concerns. If you have any additional questions, please contact our chapter president, Erin Perkinson, at